Investigation into PSV Eindhoven brawl detailed

The police are currently analyzing video footage of the brawl after the match between Ajax and PSV in Eindhoven on Sunday. According to the police, this could take several days and more arrests may be made.

A number of PSV fans outside the stadium mistook some plainclothes police officers and attacked them. The riot police put an end to the confrontation within a few minutes.

According to the police, the media reports of a six year old child who broke a leg during the riot police charge, turned out to be false. A child was slightly injured near the PSV stadium, but this incident was not connected to the brawl in any way. The police investigation also did not find any evidence of a 25 year old woman being injured and taken to the hospital.

To date the police have received 6 complaints from people who may have been injured during the execution of the riot police charges. Police officers have made personal contact with each of these people.

The police officers who were attacked and three officers who were slightly injured during the disturbances have since returned to work.