PVV leader in patronage hiring scandal

Marjolein Faber
Marjolein Faber (photo: PVV / Twitter)Marjolein Faber (photo: PVV / Twitter)

Despite increased pressure on Marjolein Faber at the Eerste Kamer (Senate) elections, The PVV leader is not considering resignation, NRC reports. 

Faber has been discredited for hiring her son's company to work on the PVV in Gelderland's website. According to the newspaper, Faber handed management of the website over to the company MR Websites in 2012. Her son Willem Martijn is one of the company's two partners. The contract was paid from the subsidy for political faction assistance. The website was previously managed free of charge by Marc van Kampen.

"Marjolein Faber has established herself with extremely strict standards for the integrity of politicians. Now that it appears that she has not acted with integrity, she can do nothing else but leave." Muus Groot, the PvdA faction leader in Gelderland, said to NOS yesterday. Groot is referring to charges that Faber made in 2012 against PvdA deputy Co Verdaas for unjustified declarations. On Saturday Jan Markink (VVD) also stated that Faber must step down and that excuses are inadequate.

Faber said on Radio 1 yesterday that she is definitely not considering resignation. Early last month PVV leader Geert Wilders nominated Faber for leader for the PVV in the Senate, calling her an ideal candidate.


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