Football riot leaves kids, police injured

The Philips stadium in Eindhoven (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gidi Kroon)The Philips stadium in Eindhoven (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Gidi Kroon)

Several people were injured in the riots that broke out at the Philips stadium in Eindhoven after the football match between Ajax and PSV, NOS reports.

The wounded include three police officers who were hit by stone thrown by rioters. A woman and a child were also reportedly injured, but the police could not confirm this.

Six supporters were arrested, including a 15 year old boy who was bitten by a police dog. The police also arrested another six supporters before the match - 5 for lighting fireworks and the other one for sticking stickers on a police car.

The police are looking at surveillance footage and expect that more arrests will be made.