Taxi driver vigilantes stopping UberPOP drivers

It seems that Rotterdam taxi drivers are following the example of taxi drivers in The Hague when it comes to UberPOP drivers. 

On Wednesday night about 25 drivers from different taxi companies followed an UberPOP driver via the Uber app, Z24 reports. The man, who was transporting a passenger at the time, was run off the road and then arrested by the police. Last week there were several similar incidents in The Hague.

Regular cab drivers are against the UberPOP service as drivers for this service transport passengers without the necessary permits and paperwork. UberPOP also transports passengers at about half the cost of a regular taxi.

The court banned the UberPOP service in December under penalty of a fine. Despite this Uber is still continuing with its controversial taxi service. The company recently received a 50 thousand euro fine for drivers caught in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


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