Many bars, clubs still ignore smoking ban

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About 26 percent of nightclubs and bars still do not comply with the ban on smoking. This is according to a study done by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority in September and October last year. The study was done among approximately 900 establishments in the hospitality industry.

In October last year the Supreme Court ruled that the exception to the smoking ban for small bars without employees expires. This meant that the smoking ban now applies to all establishment in the hospitality industry.

The Dutch Food and consumer Product Safety Authority conducted a total of 22,862 smoke inspections last year. This resulted in 619 written warnings and 1,578 fines, the majority of which went to clubs and bars. The fine for a first offence is 600 euros, for repeated offences the fine can be up to 4,500 euros.

According to the study, almost 100 percent of restaurants, cafeterias, sports canteens, hotels and art and culture centers now complies with the smoking ban. At 74 percent compliance from bars and clubs, these establishments are also improving in their observation of the ban.