Hundreds of police stations set to close; Don't worry, cops say

Minister Ivo Opstelten of Security and Justice announced in a letter to the Tweede Kamer (lower house of parliament) which police stations will remain open in the future, NOS reports. In December the Minister announced that about 200 of the 400 stations will close.

In some places police stations will be replaced by so called assistance points, where people can report a crime or talk to a police officer. The municipalities will determine when these assistance points will be open. The full list of which stations will remain open can bee seen here. In his letter to the Tweede Kamer Minister Opstelten states that the choice of stations was made in close consultation with the local governments, who has the best understanding of what is needed in their area.

The police stated that people do not have to be concerned about this change as the new housing is in line with the way the police work. "In this age of modern means the police are in this mission increasingly less bound to a solid police station." the police wrote on their website. Portable computers and apps make the police less dependent on traditional police stations. Police offers are also increasingly accessible via social media and reporting a crime can be done over the phone or internet.

This operation will only be completed in about 10 years time. Oost Brabant is not yet included in the Minister's list as he is still awaiting the results of an ongoing test run.


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