Just 5 MB free roaming data in EU mobile plan

Man speaking on a mobile phone
Man speaking on a mobile phoneTim ParkinsonFlickrCC-BY

The European member states have come up with a proposal to make using mobile internet in other European Union countries cheaper, NOS reports. The member states proposed that those visiting other EU countries can use 5 MB of mobile data every day without incurring extra costs (roaming costs).

According to the newspaper, 5 MB is about enough to listen to Boehmian Rhapsody on Spotify one time, to watch 30 seconds of one YouTube video on high quality, or to send 4 photos taken with a smartphone in high quality via email.

This proposal is very different to the wishes of the European Parliament and European Commission.

Last year a large majority of the European Parliament voted for abolishing all roaming charges within EU member states. The Parliament wants those traveling to other EU countries to pay the same for mobile internet or calls as they would pay domestically.

The European Commission also wants to abolish roaming charges. The Commission wants a single European market for mobile communications.


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