Radicalization helpline handling 30 cases

In the almost month and a half since the Alliance of Moroccan Dutch's (SNM) telephone helpline for radicalization has been launched, the organization has handled 30 cases, the Alliance announced on its website today.

The helpline was launched on January 5th. Since then the SNM has received more than 100 calls from parents, relatives and people in the immediate vicinity of radicalizing or radicalized young people requesting information or help. Counselors have taken up 30 cases and are advising and supporting the families.

According to the SNM, the 30 cases involve 8 Dutch youths, 17 Moroccan-Dutch, 1 Turkish-Dutce, one youth formerly from Yugoslavia and one Somali-Dutch. 17 of these youths are male and 13 are female. Twelve of them are minors. 14 of the thirteen youths have left the country.

The SNM has 27 counselors working on a voluntary basis for the helpline in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Delft, Gouda, Zoetermeer, Amsersfoort, Zeist and Arnhem. The SNM and counselors are putting in a lot of effort to assist all parents. The SNM's goal is to help 100 families this year.