Facebook use drops in Netherlands; still top social network

Even though Facebook remains the top social network of 2014, Dutch consumers expect to use it less in 2015. The usage of other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram increased in 2014 and continues to grow in 2015, while Twitter use was flat, concludes a market research made by Multiscope. 

More than nine out of ten Dutch people have at least one social media account. Despite the current popularity of Facebook, the use of the network seems to be on a downward trend. Although six percent of users expect to spend more time on Facebook in 2015 than in 2014, approximately 13 percent expect to use the social media service less than last year, something emphasized by those ranging from 18 to 34 years old.

LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest are gaining ground on the social media market. The number of Dutch people having a LinkedIn profile rose to 45 percent in 2014 and users plan to use it more frequently this year. As 11 percent of the Dutch have an Instagram profile, nearly a quarter of them are going to use it even more often, the survey says. Only one out of ten Instagram users expect to use the application less than previously. Same expectation numbers apply for the 13 percent of the Dutch using Pinterest.

Meanwhile, one in five online say they use Twitter, of which one percent plans to use the service more frequency.

Maintaining contact with friends and family and old acquaintances are the main reasons for social media use. According to three in five social media users, many of the platforms can influence public opinion, so it has an important place in society. Forty percent of the users report that social media has enriched their lives as well.