"Horror owl" attacking more people

Eagle owl in Rotterdam (Picture: Twitter/@stadsnatuur)Eagle owl in Rotterdam (Picture: Twitter/@stadsnatuur)

The owl that sowed fear in Purmerend and Kwadijk last year, is asserting itself again this year, as several new reports of attacks by the aggressive owl were filed last week. 

Bird experts attribute the attacks, that often take place at twilight, to the breeding season.

At least two people are believed to be slightly injured, reports Noordhollands Dagblad. Some residents are afraid to go out in the dark, which makes the situation similar to last year, with many thinking there are not one, but two or three owls terrorizing the area.

The municipality of Purmerend is monitoring the situation closely. If the bird is proven to be "really hazardous," the municipality will request permission to catch and relocate it.

A male eagle owl can grow up to 75 centimeter and has a wingspan of 160 to 188 centimeters. The bird has been spotted regularly in the Netherlands in recent years.

Signs of an aggressive owl were also reported in Lauwers, Groningen in 2013.