Dutch museums banning selfie sticks

Several Dutch museums are banning the selfie stick from their premises. Not only does it annoy other museum visitors, but a selfie stick could also damage the art.

"Our guards are increasingly asking that selfie sticks be put away, especially for large groups such as school classes." A spokesperson for the Kroller-Muller Museum said to NOS. Their main concern is damage to the artworks. "People are walking around with a rod", said the spokesperson. "We are therefore adjusting our house rules to make it clear that selfie sticks are not welcome in our museum."

The Hermitage in Amsterdam has also banned the selfie stick. "You are also not allowed to bring umbrellas inside, and a selfie stick is about the same size." The Hermitage has not had any incidents yet, but has decided to intervene. "The ban has recently been established, but it is not inconceivable that we will eventually hang ban signs at the tills. It would be unpleasant for everyone if art is damaged."

The Stedelijk Museum also reprimands those with selfie sticks. "Selfies are certainly allowed, but all sticks - including umbrellas and stands - are prohibited." a spokesperson said to NOS. The same applies in the Ceramics Museum in Leeuwarden. "People look at the camera and do not pay attention. That is especially dangerous to us, because everything here is fragile."

The Rijksmuseum on the other hand, has not taken any action yet. "You see them here for sure, but we've had very few problems with it. Umbrellas are not allowed inside, but selfie sticks are for the time being."