Second person rescued off capsized ship; one missing

A second person was rescued from a barge that capsized on Thursday just before midnight in the Westerschelde estuary in Zeeland. Three people were onboard when the ship flipped over, one of whom was rescued quickly.

He had been standing on the ship's deck when it capsized, landing straight in the water, but a father an son inside the cabin were not found. The father was reportedly rescued at about 7:30 a.m..

He was said to be suffering from hypothermia, but survived in an air bubble while rescuers made their way into the cabin.

The ship lies on a sandbank but the rescuers had to stop the search at 9.30 a.m. Friday because they could not enter all the areas on the ship safely. The rescuers managed to search the living quarters and the bedroom of the ship but the bridge could not be entered due to damage that occurred in the capsizing.

Multiple helicopters were dispatched to look for signs of life around the ship and in the water Friday morning, but came up empty handed.

Several KNRM lifeboats, police, Belgian navy and inland barges will continue the search tonight.