Paramedics attacked while racing to call

A man was arrested in Rotterdam for throwing a heavy bag through the windshield of an ambulance that was racing towards a call. According to the police, the ambulance came to a stop without causing an accident thanks to the "fantastic response capabilities" of the driver.

The ambulance was rushing towards someone who had become unwell. The windshield shattered while the ambulance was driving 80 kilometers per hour on Westzeedijk, at the intersection with Pieter de Hoochweg. "And that while the ambulance drove with siren and blue lights", said a spokesperson for the Safety Region. "We are shocked. This is an incomprehensible action."

The two paramedics who were in the ambulance have made a report of attempted man slaughter with the police. Another ambulance was sent to the person who had become unwell. "Fortunately it ended well", said the spokesperson.