Dutch jihadist suicide-bombs Fallujah, watchdog reports

Fallujah, Iraq. Nov. 10, 2004. (Photo: LCPL Joel A. Chaverri)Fallujah, Iraq. Nov. 10, 2004. (Photo: LCPL Joel A. Chaverri)

A suicide bombing in Iraq is the work of a Dutch jihadist, SITE Intelligence Group tweeted on Wednesday.

A radio station run by the terrorist group ISIS reported a Fallujah attack as being carried out by Abu Abdul Rahman al-Hollandi, said the US-based jihadi watchdog SITE.

The National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) was unable to confirm the news, according to Dutch news agency ANP, though an NCTV spokesperson said it “is indeed plausible”.

In November, ISIS claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing on police headquarters in west Baghdad. ISIS attributed the attack to a Dutchman known by the name Abu Abdullah al-Hollandi, whose identity was later matched to Sultan Berzel, a 19 year old from Maastricht.

ANP quoted the NCTV spokesperson as saying that news like that released by SITE on Wednesday “shows the absurd way in which youth can be misguided to push themselves and innocent people to death.”