Anti-Islamist to lead PVV in Senate

Marjolein Faber became the leader of the PVV in the Dutch Senate elections. Faber has been in the Senate since 2011 and has been faction chairwoman since June last year. She is also the faction leader in the Provincial Council of Gelderland and is known as an anti-Islamist.

The fight against Islam was Faber's main reason to join the PVV four years ago. "Islam is a despicable ideology. If we do not stop it, we will lose everything; our freedom and our democracy. It is a nightmare for women, for homosexuals, in fact for everyone."

In Gelderland, Faber presented the report 'The Islamization map of Gelderland' through which the provincial PVV faction shows precisely how many Islamic institutions there are. She has also commissioned a research study into Islam in society, the role of mosques and the question of where jihadists come from. "We will continue sitting on this issue like a hawk."

Wilders sees an ideal candidate in Faber. He praises her work a president of the Senate faction. "She is doing awfully well. It is perhaps the most stable faction of the PVV. I think with her at the helm in the Senate, the Cabinet can not count on any support from the PVV. She is someone who fights for the people in the country. In short: a dream candidate."

Faber is not expected to support the Cabinet in the Senate. "We are against the government, against its tolerance partners, and we just do not give up."


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