Amsterdam assassination stopped by cops: Police chief

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Four men were arrested early Sunday morning in Amsterdam, on their way to commit what police suspected was an assassination.

This was reported Tuesday by police chief commissioner Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg in the AT5 program 'Het Verhoor.' The first suspect was arrested around 4.30 Sunday morning, after police chased down a car into Knokkestraat in Nieuw-West, where it crashed into other vehicles. The man was shot by police and then taken to a hospital. Another man was bit by a police dog. Police found several automatic guns and other weapons in the suspect’s car.

When the others were apprehended is unknown, but according to Aalbersberg, the arrest prevented either an assassination or another crime. “The investigation is still ongoing. We’re looking into whether there was a link with other executions,” Aalbersberg said.

Detectives, meanwhile, are investigating the shooting, as is customary when police officers use their service weapons.