Clouds, occasional snow and slick roads this morning

The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KMNI) has issued a code yellow weather warning for slickness on roads and sidewalks caused by the snowfall, snow residue or freezing of wet sections. 

According to the KNMI, today will be cloudy and occasionally snowy. The clouds will dissipate during the course of the morning and there may even be some sunshine. The afternoon temperatures will be around 4 degrees. It will grow increasingly cloudy again this afternoon, with rain from the northwest. This rain and (wet) snow will mover further inland during the course of the evening.

The weather will be mostly dry tonight, with only a single storm entering the country in the coastal areas. The temperature will drop in many areas to just below freezing, which will cause slickness on roads.

The NS reports that there will be no trains traveling between Driebergen - Zeist and Ede - Wageningen/Rhenen this morning. This disturbance is caused by a stranded train. Travelers on those routes should take an extra 60 minutes of traveling time into account. The disruption is expected to be resolved around 09:00 this morning.

There will also be no Express Trains traveling between Leeuwarden and Groningen this morning. Please allow for 15 - 30 minutes extra travel time. This disruption is also expected to be resolved around 09:00 a.m.