Armoured truck drivers may strike again, leaving ATMs empty

The employees of the money transporter company Brink's could go on strike in the next few days, union representatives said. It could include the refusal to fill certain cash machines, unions CNV and FNV told Omroep Brabant.

In the course of this year, Brink's will lay off 650 of its approximately 1,000 employees. The employees are left without a job since Rabobank leaves as a customer. The last Brink's strike in late December left many ATMs, especially Rabobank's, empty for days.

Rabobank ATMs could again be the target of a new strike, but so could other bank machines, a CNV union rep said. Any possible strike action will be decided in the short term, Leen van der List of union FNV told the broadcaster.

The unions call for better social plans for Brink's' employees that are going to lose their jobs.