Suspect in Rotterdam stabbing arrested

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Police have arrested the Rotterdam man they were hunting for the murder Saturday evening of a woman at Oudedijk. News reports suggest that the suspect is actually the victim’s brother.

Bart van U. (38), surrendered at a police station in Amsterdam around 9.00am. Police say that they had received hundreds of tips from all over the country, after releasing a full frontal photograph of him to the press. He had disappeared after the woman was found dead in her house at Oudedijk in Rotterdam-Kralingen.

She had died from wounds she sustained during severe ill-treatment. Police did not officially release her name, but it was given through other sources as Lois van U. (43), the director of a corporation for the municipalities Barendrecht, Ridderkerk and Albrandswaard.

The stabbing apparently ended a long smothering feud between the siblings, reports. Bart reportedly lived in apartment above his sister’s, but she wanted him out. Metro quotes a source close to the family who said the man had psychological issues, while his sister was a “loving woman who was socially involved in the neighborhood.”

She was found dead by a friend who went looking for her at her house when she did not show up for an appointment.

Police say further investigation should shed light on what exactly transpired in the house, leading to the woman’s death.


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