Scofflaw busted with 74 traffic fines totaling €23,000

The Marechaussee, the policing branch of the Dutch armed forces, confiscated the car of a 29-year old Belgian man this morning. The man has 74 unpaid traffic violations in the Netherlands with a total value of 23,000 euros. 

The Marechaussee pulled the man over for driving 60 km/h on the A2 highway near Roosteren, Limburg, where the speed limit fluctuates between 120 and 130 km/h. Officers say the man defended his slow speed, stating his speedometer was faulty.

After checking the man's license plate, officers discovered the collection of unpaid fines. The Marechaussee seized his car after it was clear he was unable to pay the fines on the spot.

The car will be returned once the fines are paid, the Marechaussee says.