Missing Norwegian found dead in canal

The dead body of a missing Norwegian tourist was found floating in an Amsterdam canal Thursday afternoon, police in Amsterdam confirm. Tore Grødem, a 21-year-old man visiting the city, had not been seen since December 19 at about 2 a.m.

He was with a close friend inside the Escape nightclub in Rembrandtplein, when he left to get money from a cash machine. He never returned to the club.

Grødem was spotted by the Marriott Hotel on Stadhouderskade, and on a bus to Amsterdam Central Station. Someone matching his description was also supposedly seen as recently as Wednesday in Leidseplein acting confused and disturbed, broadcaster AT5 reported.

A passerby near the Max Euweplein in the city center saw the body floating in the Singelgracht around 4 p.m. The police and the Defense Ministry earlier said they would use sonar tracking equipment on the stretch of canal where the body was discovered.

Now the investigation turns to the man’s death, and how he wound up in the water, police say.

Previously, it was revealed that 400 euros had been withdrawn from Grødem’s account, and that his mobile phone was briefly active a week ago.