"Disaster Flight" the word of the year

"Rampvlucht" is the word of the year for 2014. This was determined by members and followers of the Genootschap Onze Taal (Society Our Language) and listeners of De Taalstaat (The Language State). The winning word was announced in the program for the Dutch language on NPO Radio one on Saturday.

"Disaster Flight" was used to describe flight MH17, which was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17th, this year. The crash has been constantly in the news since the day of the disaster.

"Disaster Flight" got one vote more than the number two on the list: "vergeetverzoek" (forget request). This refers to the demand for a search engine to delete information about a person or a company from search results. In May the European Court of Justice ruled that people have the right to be "forgotten" by search engines like Google. On third place was the word "jihadganger" (jihad goer).

Last year "participatiesamenleving" (participation state) was the Onze Taal word of the year.

Last week " (Scrooge McDuck tax) was chosen as word of the year in another election by dictionary publisher Van Dale.