Supermarket "wild game" usually neither

More than half of the "wild game" sold by supermarkets is actually farmed game. This is evident from the meat benchmark that Natuur & Milieu ( Nature & Environment) and Questionmark published today.

The research showed that more than half of the traditional game species in the supermarket are in practice not really wild. For example "Culinary Game" at Albert Heijn is farmed game in most cases. The ducks, deer and rabbits sold in Albert Heijn, were bred in stables and not shot by hunters. This is also the case in many other supermarkets, Natuur & Milieu reports. 40 percent of the packaging also does not state whether it contains actual wild game or farmed game.

The environmental impact of farmed game is higher than that of actually wild game. "Those who really want to eat wild, should choose hare or deer. These animals can not be bred and are therefore guaranteed really wild. Boars from the Netherlands are also guaranteed wild", says Sijas Akkerman, head of Food at Natuur & Milieu.