Newborn dumped in garbage bin likely born in hospital: report

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The premature pacifier, the heel prick plaster and the diaper of the newborn baby that was found in a dumpster in Amsterdam Nieuw-West late October, suggests to the police that the baby girl was born in a hospital. The combination of the specific pacifier, plaster and diaper led the police to four Dutch hospitals, including one in the Amsterdam region. With this it seems that the police are getting closer to finding the identity of the baby's parents. But in practice the medical confidentiality of an involved nurse or midwife, can stand in the way of solving this mystery.

The t-shirt that the baby girl was wearing at the time of her discovery is also an important clue to the police. At inquiry it was found that there are only twenty of these shirts in circulation. The t-shirt is a size 50, Peaple brand and has the text "Hello, nice to meet you!" printed on it. "We are now trying to find out who bought the shirts." says investigation leader Peter van den Wijngaard. "But here too it may be more difficult than it seems: it could also be a secondhand shirt." After the girl was found on October 26th, police officers visited 440 young families who had had a baby girl in Amsterdam in the three preceding weeks. "When the dummy proved to be a premature pacifier, we extended the study by also visiting families who had had a baby girl even earlier." Investigators from other regions also helped to make the total of 700 house calls. Thus far it has yielded nothing.