Rotterdam unveils new city slogan

The new slogan for Rotterdam was unveiled yesterday morning: 'Rotterdam. Make it happen'. It replaces 'World Port World City'.

Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb's explanation for the change is that Rotterdam is more than a port city. "Rotterdam can not be without the port, but the university, which also has international acclaim, is underexposed so far."

Allard Casteilen, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, has no problem with the change. "The power of the port is now even emphasized. We also try to increase the link with Erasmus University and the city more and more. With this cooperation we distinguish ourselves from other ports. Competitor Antwerpen does not have such cooperation."

The new slogan has caused a lot of jokes on the internet and social media. The slogan 'Make it happen' is also used by manufacturer Tena Lady, which is known for making incontinence diapers.