Footballer hospitalized after match ends in brawl

A football player was hospitalized after a massive brawl following the match between amateurs of VVR and Barça in Rijsbergen on Sunday. The police are investigating what exactly happened.

After the match, players and supporters started fighting at the field on Laguitensebaan in the Noord Brabant town. A player from VVR was reportedly pushed to the ground and before being repeatedly kicked in the head. He had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. The hospital prescribed some painkillers and sent him home. The 19 year old victim from Breda pressed charges against a player from Barça.

According to Barça supporters, the referee ignored many of the home team's violations. One of their favorite players, Mouhcine Zerouali, had to be carried off the field with a hurt ankle in the first half. The tension rose further when discriminatory remarks were shouted at a dark skinned Barça player, supporters say. The match ended in a 2-1 victory for VVR.

Barça was involved in another brawl in late November after a game against city rivals SAB. The referee was kicked during that fight and later pressed charges. The goalkeeper injured his left leg. The Barça supporters acknowledge that the club's away games are often played in a tense atmosphere.

"Home games always go well, nothing bad ever happens, but in away games there is often tension", a supporter said.

VVR made no mention of the brawl in its own published match report.