Cop's eye socket fractured as arrest turns violent

A motorcycle police officer attempting an arrest on Sunday was beaten by the suspect and four accomplices, leaving the policeman with a fractured eye socket. The incident happened on the Rechtestraat in Eindhoven at about 8:30 p.m., a police report states.

The officer says he observed the suspect vandalizing a bicycle on while he was monitoring traffic. After approaching the alleged offender, the suspect resisted arrest and brutally assaulted the officer with the help of four others, police say. All five fled the scene, but were later caught.

The officer was hospitalized for treatment.

Initially, the officer was only going to issue a spot fine for vandalism, but the suspect responded aggressively. The officer reportedly used pepper-spray in self-defense, but to no avail. The suspects fled the scene.

Police officers in Eindhoven were given a description of the five suspects, which lead to the arrest of five men on Vrijstraat. The five suspects are still being held as the investigation continues.