Thai woman gets 15 years for ax murder of husband

The court in Den Bosch today sentenced the Thai woman accused for murdering her husband with an ax in Venlo on September 11th ,2011 to 15 years in prison. The accused is appealing against this decision.

The Public Prosecutor demanded the 15 years prison sentence because the defendant acted with premeditation and therefore the act was murder. "There is a pure form of premeditation, given the fact that the suspect bought the ax, hid it and eventually used it." the prosecutor said. He continued that both the accused's statement and testimonies of the victim's children and sister supports the idea that the accused wanted the victim dead for some time.

The prosecution believes that only a long prison sentence will reflect the seriousness of the offense. "The victim was killed in a horrible manner, while he also lived in terror for months prior to this act." the prosecutor stated. "Only a long prison term can not only do justice to the seriousness of the offense, but also protect society against the suspect."

The court sentenced the woman according to the demand of the prosecutor. The accused appealed.