Dutch concerned about ISIS above all else

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In the past few months Dutch citizens have been less concerned about the economic crisis and changes in healthcare, but have been especially concerned about terrorism and international crises.

The conflict with terrorist organization Islamic State (ISIS) is the biggest concern for 1 in 3 Dutch people (35 percent). This is followed by concern about the economic crisis (20 percent) and the health care reform (17 percent).

That is indicated by the Risk and Crisis Barometer, a biannual measurement of Dutch citizens' perceived security and their confidence in the government. The barometer was published yesterday by the National Coordinator for Counter-terrorism and Security. Since 2008 the fear of economic crisis has been in the first place. Fear of terrorist attack is in the fourth place this time.

The previous barometer was published in June this year. Since then the concern about unemployment among Dutch has decreased from 21 percent to 15 percent. The fear of a disease wave has increased significantly in the past six months (from 36 to 45 percent). This is probably due to the Ebola outbreak.