Rifles, grenades, cocaine: Gangland stash busted

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Detectives arrested 7 suspects this week in connection with possession and trafficking of cocaine, firearms and grenades. A huge collection of weapons were also found in Loosdrecht during the investigation. On Tuesday afternoon during a traffic check in Amsterdam Zuidoost, detectives noticed a car with two men and later a second car containing four men because of their driving style. The detectives suspected that a drug deal may take place. The detectives followed the men to a flat in Amsterdam Zuidoost and took the property and surroundings under observation. After a few hours they saw the four men, who had been in the second car, drive away from the house. The car was pulled over on the A9. When searching the four men, the detectives found a few handguns and about a kilogram of cocaine. The four men were arrested immediately. An arrest squad also raided the observed flat. They arrested a man on the gallery who was coming out of the house. Inside they arrested another man. Inside the flat the detectives seized a quantity of (suspected) cocaine.

In a followup investigation on Wednesday an arsenal of weapons was found in a house in Loosdrecht. 17 Kalashnikovs, an AR15, 7 handguns, 36 grenades, thousands of rounds of ammunition and several kilograms of white powder (presumably cocaine) were confiscated. The man present at the house was also arrested.