Four Dutch MH17 victims still unidentified

The Ministry of Security and Justice announced today that the last four unidentified victims of the disaster with flight MH17 are all Dutch. 

Two more victims of the flight have been identified this week. One of these victims was a Dutch. The nationality of the other victim was not announced at the request of the embassies of the countries involved. The victims' families have been informed.

The National Forensic Investigation Team have been busy with the identification of the 298 victims killed in the plane crash in eastern Ukraine since July. Three victims were identified last week. The last coffins with remains of the victims arrived in the Netherlands at the end of November.

The ministry can't say if and when the final four victims will be identified. It may be that more information will become available from the body parts that are already in Hilversum. But it is also possible that their remains have not been recovered from the crash site.