Police need help in solving woman's gangland murder

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The police are looking for witnesses or anyone who may have footage of Luana Luz Xavier's murder. Luz Xavier was shot and killed in front of her kids on Beeckestijn in Amstelveen at 19:30 on Monday night.

The police would like to get in touch with people who made films directly after the murder. The would also like to view the images of anyone who has cameras in front of their homes or businesses in the neighborhood as one of these cameras may have captured something that could lead the police to the perpetrators.

Images from the area shows a small, light colored car driving past moments before the shooting. The images also show another vehicle and a cyclist passing immediately after the shooting. These potential witnesses may have seen the perpetrators and should contact the police.  

Shortly after the murder a burning black BMW was found on the corner of Haya van Somerenlaan and Joke Smitlaan with the false number plate 55ZDKJ. Four or five boys drove away from the BMW towards Betsy Perklaan. A stolen gray Volkswagen Polo with the lights still on was also found. This vehicle may be another getaway car.