TV mogul's extortionist confesses to police

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A 70 year old man from Zeist has confessed that he extorted and threatened John and Linda de Mol for more than a year. A police spokesperson confirmed that the man was arrested on Wednesday.

The man sent letters to John de Mol, demanding large sums of money and threatening to harm Linda de Mol's family. In September he ordered a box of cakes for John de Mol at a pastry shop in Blaricum. He stuck a threatening letter on the box. John de Mol found these threatening letters left under bricks at his home and in other places. Many of the threats were directed against the adolescent son and daughter of his sister, Linda de Mol. The extortion and threats lasted about a year.   The police managed to find the suspect with the help of more than 700 tips. The case was

broadcast on an episode of Opsporing Verzocht in September. On the program the police announced that they had found DNA on one of the letters. They also circulated a composite sketch of the suspect.