Cheap heroin test kits on sale to fight fake cocaine

Warning sign in Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@capotribu). (Warning sign in Amsterdam (Picture: Twitter/@capotribu))

As the city of Amsterdam continues its fight against street drug dealers passing off white heroin as cocaine, heroin testing kits are now being sold at over thirty smart shops in Amsterdam.

Special teams that sell the tests at two euro each have also been stationed on the street, said Mayor Eberhard van der Laan. Should the test be positive for white heroin, the substance should immediately be handed over to the GGD, the public health department.

First news of the  in circulation broke on the November 28 when three drug-related casualties and 14 others fell seriously ill. The drug is highly dangerous, as it is ingested through the nose, and in most instances high quantities are ingested, resulting in respiratory distress.

Since then, warning signs in English have been placed all over the city. The police have assigned over 20 detectives to the case, in the hopes of locating the dealer as soon as possible.

"We do not know where the stuff comes from," says Floor van Bakkum from addiction clinic Jellinek. 'White heroin is quite pricey and we rarely see it in the Amsterdam scene."