Convicted jihadist in Syria before ISIS existed: mother

The mother of the convicted jihadist Maher H. does not agree with the sentencing of her son. 

"A boy of 20 years. His whole future is gone", said H.'s mother. She feels that her son did nothing wrong. According to her, he went to Syria to help people. "The boy has a good heart and a clean criminal record, and now he is put down as a bogeyman and that is not true at all. It's just painful. If you want to help other people, then your'e just punished."

According to H.'s mother, he went to Syria before ISIS existed. "My son went before ISIS. ISIS did not exist at that time. ISIS was found when my son was in custody."

"It is unbelievable that he is punished for a terrorist crime. Those boys are not terrorists. They boys go there to help their fellow men. The women there are humiliated or raped, the elderly are being slaughtered. Most boys are going to help, to let children play outside, not to murder or something similar."


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