First no-packaging supermarket to open in 2015

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The first packaging-free shop in the Netherlands will open in Utrecht. In this supermarket, the customer will be able to "pour" their own rice, nuts, beans and oil.

This involves numerous products that are offered in dispensers, jars or drums. Bag & Buy also wants to sell bread and vegetables from nearby farms. "I saw these stores in the United States and became inspired by this. It's fantastic that you can determine the amount of a product." said initiator Wim van Dijk. He wants his shop to combat excess packaging. This is to the customers' benefit, because they won't have to pay packaging and marketing costs. The prices are also favorable because the products are bought in large quantities. At Bag & Buy you can bring your own container, but there will also be reusable boxes and bags available. Van Dijk has considered a number of small buildings in some shopping streets. He chose Utrecht because crowdfunding showed that the most investors preferred this city.