No more Syrian refugees in NL: Justice Sec.

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State Secretary Fred Teeven refuses to bring additional Syrians to the Netherlands, thereby ignoring the wish of the Second Chamber. The VVD Minister points out the the immigrant shelter is already overflowing.

In an interview with De Telegraaf Teeven said that there are already a great many cases of hardship in the Dutch care. A year ago a Chamber majority felt this is not enough. The Chamber demanded that 250 of the worst cases in UN refugee camps be brought to the Netherlands. That number should be in addition to the 500 cases that are already invited.

Teeven repeatedly delayed a response to that demand, but now says he won't do it. "I think it is important to note that fourteen months ago, when the Chamber adopted that motion, we did not have 9,600 people who are waiting for a place to live. The situation is just different."