Two cops hurt in gunman's boobytrapped house

Shots were fired on Ridder Hoenstraat in Hoensbroek, Limburg on Wednesday afternoon. The police closed down the area and arrested an armed man.

The armed man hid in a house. At around 14:30 he fired multiple shots both outside and in the house. The police arrested the man almost two hours later at 16:15. No one was injured by the shots.

The man was drenched in an unknown, corrosive liquid. He was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries. There he regained consciousness and was arrested. The suspect possibly has a chemical laboratory in his house.

Two police officers were also injured by the corrosive substance. A fire broke out in the house after the arrest, possibly caused by the liquid or set by the man himself. The fire department quickly brought the fire under control.

Several of the suspect's neighbors had to evacuate their homes.

The emergency services conducted an investigation at the house during the evening. A spokesperson of the safety region announced last night that the suspect had not left booby traps behind in the house. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal service sent in a robot to check the property as a precaution. No explosives were found.