One in six Dutch youth plan to emigrate, pessimistic on economy

Many people are considering emigration because of the economy. Especially young people think that they will find a better financial future abroad.

This is evident from the European Consumer Payment Report, the annual survey by Intrum Justitia into the payment behavior of consumers in Europe.

According to respondents, job loss is the main cause of the poor financial situation, folllowed by the high health care costs and EU policies. 21 percent of Dutch people find it difficult to make ends meet, families with young children especially find it difficult.

10 percent of respondents think the financial situation in the Netherlands is so bad that they are considering living elsewhere in Europe. 17 percent of young people under the age of 24 are considering emigration. Young people have little confidence in job prospects and the future in general. Only 14 percent of them think that they will do better than their parents - this is the lowest rate in all of Europe.

21 thousand Europeans took part in this study, including more than a thousand Dutch people.


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