London mayor should visit Amsterdam: Mayor

If it were up to Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan, his London colleague Boris Johnson would someday soon visit Amsterdam and have a look around.

Earlier this week Johnson angered many Amsterdam residents by calling Amsterdam "sleazy". According to him, the progressive approach to drugs in the Netherlands is outdated. He made these statements about Amsterdam at a neighborhood meeting in London, where he also praised the British "war on drugs".

On Thursday during the commission general affairs, Mayor Van der Laan responded to the statements made by his British colleague. "Probably he meant easy, instead of sleazy", Van der Laan said with a wink. He also made the suggestion to invite Johnson to visit Amsterdam so that he can see what his fellow countrymen are up to. "They are easy to recognize" said Van der Laan. He continued: "They sing You'll Never Walk Alone and are dressed as rabbit or priest, sometimes not dressed at all. I would love to invite him to come and see."