Car thieves lead police in chase through border town

Two men were arrested in Goirle on Sunday night after a wild car chase. The police deployed a helicopter to find one of the suspects.

The two suspects were noticed in Hilvarenbeek when they ran a stop sign in a stolen Audi A3. The pursuit started around 21:15 pm.

The car drove at high speed towards Goirle. The occupants did not respond to stop signs, flashing lights, sirens or roadblocks. On Abcovenseweg they drove over a speed bump and burst a tire. After this they abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.

One of the suspects, a 17 year old boy from Tilburg, were caught by pursuing officers fairly quickly and was arrested. The police used a helicopter to search for the second suspect. He, a 19 year old man from Tilburg, was finally arrested in De Volmolen in Goirle.