Violent anti-Zionist video should lead to 1 mo. in prison: prosecutor

The prosecutor in Amsterdam today demanded a prison sentence of 45 days against a 35 year old man from Amsterdam who posted a violent anti-Zionist video on his driving school's Facebook page.

The prosecutor demanded 80 hours of community service, 45 days prison sentence - of which 28 days are conditional, and a probationary period of two years. The prosecutor also demanded that the man has to report with the Probationary Service, obligatory treatment and a prohibition of posting messages or liking messages on both his personal and business Facebook page.

In July 2014, the man posted a video on his driving school's Facebook page in which he says that you "have to kill the cancer-Zionists". In the video he fired a gas- and alarm pistol several times. The video has been removed from the Facebook page.