School: It's not racist to keep Zwarte Piet

According to the Board for the Protection of Human Rights, the public Prof. Kohnstamm school in Utrecht may celebrate Sinterklaas with Zwarte Piet in the classroom this year.

That is the verdict in the  procedure brought by a mother with children in the school. She wanted Zwarte Piet completely banned.

According to the board it is not necessary in this case. "A school does not discriminate if they celebrate Sinterklaas in 2014 with Zwarte Piet. The school has done enough to ensure a discrimination-free educational environment", is the conclusion of the board. "For next year the judgment may be different, because Zwarte Piet does have discriminatory aspects"

According to the board, the Prof. Kohnstamm school showed good will by starting the discussion on this topic at the end of 2013. "The school has shown to take action to comply with its duty of care. However, the board expects further action by the school next year to ensure that Zwarte Piet is freed from as as many as possible discriminatory aspects. "

The mother who had brought the proceedings finds that the image is evoked in the minds of the children that black people are stupid, sloppy and different in general. However, the Board for the Protection of Human rights assesses only whether there is a violation of legislation on equality. The board can not impose penalties or fines.