Almere shootout latest battle in gang war

2008 BMW M3 E92 in Dutch police livery
A 2008 BMW M3 E92 outfitted in Dutch police colors shown off in Noord-Brabantfile photo

On Saturday in Almere, there was an assassination attempt on the man who walked out of a kebab shop in Amstelveen with career criminal Gwenette Martha on May 22nd, after which Martha was executed. 

In the early morning Chadid Y. (26) and a passenger were driving over the Poortdreef when their Volkswagen Golf was hit by another car containing three men, according to witnesses. They shot at Y. Y. was injured and taken to the hospital. The passenger was taken to the police station.

The car of the gunmen was found partly burnt in Muderberg shortly after the shooting. The investigators believes this was a failed execution.

Chadid Y. and his brother have become involved in the feud in the Amsterdam underworld that has cost more than ten deaths in recent years. In a tip to investigators one of the brothers was accused of luring key player Benaouf A. to the Staatsliedenbuurt in Amsterdam on December 29th, 2012. There two groups of hit-men fired on A. and two friends with automatic weapons. A. escaped. His friends Said el Yazidi (21) and Yousseff Lkhorf (28) were executed.

In the evening of May 22nd Chadid Y. went to the kebab shop on Amsteveenseweg where suspected leader of the opposite camp, Gwenette Martha, sat with company. Martha left the shop with Y. Once outside, shooters in a BMW executed Martha. Y. escaped unharmed.

A spokesperson for the Amsterdam police announced that the police is doing everything in their power to stop these outbursts of violence. "In addition to the investigation and prosecution, we focus more on preventing these crimes and disrupting the groups."