Dutch stop terrorist attacks in Netherlands

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According to Minister Ronald Plasterk of Internal Affairs, a number of terrorist attacks have been prevented in the Netherlands in recent months.

He says that in recent years and months, people have been caught with material that show that they were not up to anything innocent. The Minister does not want to give any specific details on the matter.

"It is not very often discussed in public", says parliamentary reporter Jeroen Stans. "One month ago, for example, we heard from the Public Prosecutor that someone was arrested because he was suspected of preparing an attack on agents."

After the Cabinet's decision to participate in the fight against Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, the government, particularly the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism, warned of possible attacks.

According to Stans, an attack in the Netherlands by jihadists is seriously taken into account. "The threat level has also been in the second highest position for one and a half years.  In recent weeks it is also more visible." Extra police are visible in busy places like major train stations and in the building of the Second Chamber.

The Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta has also warned of possible terrorist attacks in Indonesia.