Five found WWII bombs to be detonated near Zwolle

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) is detonating five bombs from World War II along the IJssel near Zwolle tomorrow and the day after. The bombs were found during the excavation for widening the riverbed of the IJssel.

Two so called 1000-pounders and three 500-pounders were found in the floodplain. Part of a 1000-pounder with a charge and an igniter in it, was also found.

The area around the IJssel was heavily bombed at the end of the war. Many remnants of war are still in the bottom of the IJssel. With the excavation many unexploded bombs and grenades are being removed from the soil. The EOD always makes them safe.

The detonation of the 1000-pounders may cause ground vibration for a great distance, the municipality of Zwolle warns.