Terminally ill woman's wish goes viral

Singer Marco Borsato was flooded with messages after the mother of a fan posted a touching plea on Facebook.

It was a wish of the terminally ill Samantha. The story was shared all through social media.

On Wednesday mother Sylvia received the terrible news that her sick daughter Samantha does not have long to live. She decided to put a picture of Samantha along with a call for help on Facebook. Samantha would have loved to go to a concert by Marco Borasto or André Hazes-lookalike, but never had the chance because of her poor health.

"We really want to make this wish come true, albeit with a video or photo with a sweet message from one of them" Sylvia wrote. "Ideally Samantha would want to meet them, but that can not be, because she does not have long to live. And the people are probably too busy, which makes sense." More than 29 thousand people shared the message.

Marco Borsato has already contacted Sylvia regarding her daughter's wish. "Next week I am going to her. I know that she really wanted to attend a concert, we tried to arrange it for next Saturday, but Samantha's health is unstable." Marco said in a tweet that the request does not need to be spread further.

Caroline van Batenburg, the female lookalike of André Hazes, has also spoken to Sylvia. Andrea Hazes will visit Samantha on Tuesday. "I will do everything to let her enjoy a special day."