More taxes to hit efficient cars

The CO2 standards for the tax liability for lease cars are changing in 2016. The percentages are going up.

Secretary of State Wiebes writes to the Second Chamber that the tax exemption for fully electric cars expires. This category will also receive an additional tax of 7 percent in 2016.

A 14 percent additional tax will apply for semi-electric cars, currently it is four or seven percent. Cars with CO2 emissions of between 51 and 80 grams will receive an additional tax of 20 percent in 2016. Cars that emit more than 80 grams CO2 will get 25 percent.

Leases that are in effect before 2016 remain under the current rules for additional tax.

Wiebes already announced that a total customization of the the car tax will happen later (probably in 2017). He wants to involve cars in the next major revision of the tax system.

Wiebes describes 2016 as a gap year. According to him, adjustments are needed for that year because of the rapid technological developments in the field of CO2 emissions. A tightening of the standards is required to maintain tax revenue. The intention is to have 200 thousand electric cars on the road by 2020.