Monster truck crash inquest needs 6 mos.

It will still be some time before we have the results of the investigations into the accident with the monster truck in Haaksbergen.

At the end of September a monster truck crashed into the audience during a stunt. This accident caused three deaths and 28 injuries. The deceased victims were a 5 year old boy, a 50 year old man and a 73 year old woman.

Both the Investigation Board for Safety (OVV) and the Public prosecutor are investigating how the accident in Haaksbergen happened. According to the municipality of Haaksbergen, the Investigation board aims to have its report ready in March 2015, before the start of the new event season.

The Public Prosecutor is also still busy with its investigation into the events at Haaksbergen. Over 200 pictures and video footage have been handed in to the police by people who were present at the stunt.

Four of the wounded are still in hospital, one of them a child.