Dentist who killed wife wants sex change

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Mark van N., the dentist who confessed to killing his wife and mutilated the teeth of some 100 patients, wants to die.

Van N. was arrested in Canada in September on a French warrant accusing him of patient mutilation. However, the Dutch doctor was deported to the Netherlands after he suddenly and confessed to killing his wife in 2006, a crime for which he was not a suspect.

"I have a 100 percent death wish" he told the court in Amsterdam. Van N. has been struggling with transgender issues since he was ten. He wants to be a woman.

The judge must decide whether Van N. will be extradited to France. He worked in France as a dentist for several years. The French Justice wants to prosecute Van N for, among other things, aggravated assault.

Van N. feels that he is in the wrong body, which has made his live a living hell for 40 years, he told the court. "I hope every night that I don't wake up the next morning."

The court will rule on the extradition on November 7th.